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Wowzer On A Stick

Our Wowzer on on a stick Hemp Cream is a wonderful product if you suffer from discomfort and stiffness. The stick applicator makes self-application a breeze so not matter if your an athlete or an adventure releaf is just seconds away!!

 Steve’s Goods is an award winning Hemp Company that uses locally sourced hemp and all organic ingredients.

Hemp + Lower Back

Our hemp topicals can help manage the discomfort in your back. Hemp topicals let you target the specific area of discomfort and provides relief. Our topicals are tested and you can safely use then throughout the day.

Hemp + Hand

Hand pain can be caused for any number of issues and is common in labor workers like farmers and constrictions workers, weightlifters, and athletes in general. Our Wowzer on a stick or cream can be applied in seconds for relief.

Hemp + Neck

Do you have a strained neck from staring at a computer all day or whiplash form a car accident. Our hemp topicals can help provide relief by simply applying some to the designed location and without taking pills though the day.

Hemp + Joint Pain

Our hemp topicals like our Wowzer pain cream can help decrease joint discomfort caused from everyday life; like hiking a mountain, working out, or doing some yard work. Our customers often inform us they have better mobility and decreased pain.

Hemp + Feet

Do you suffer from discomfort in your feet? Our Wowzer on a stick is perfect to apply to any location that is causing you pain. Simply take off the cap and apply when you’re on the go or when your home in bed.

All Grown In The USA

Steve’s Goods is an award winning Hemp Company that uses Colorado sourced hemp and all organic ingredients. If you’re looking to try some edibles, tinctures concentrates come visit us at

Steve's Goods
Wowzer Hemp Pain Cream

Have you ever tried Hemp Cream before? It really works! I have yet to find someone that doesn’t benefit from our Hemp cream. It is great for reducing discomfort and when you rub this on a sore spot, to provide releaf in seconds.

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